Tibco Spotfire Online Training in Hyderabad

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TIBCO  Spotfire Introduction

Topics: The fundamentals of TIBCO Spotfire, data visualization and analysis software, various features of Spotfire, data filtering, data drill-down, data loading, tabular data, statistical representation of the data, Web Player Analysis Reports , import data from Excel, data types, data visualization techniques, Spotfire dashboard, which works with bar charts.

Tibco Spotfire table data and data sources

Topics: Working with data tables, data sources, retrieving data from databases, the properties of the data table, the relationships in the data table filter tables and diagrams columns of data, adjustments and filters corresponding calculated and the Hierarchy column Agrupada creation.

Tibco Spotfire data visualization

Topics: Visualization of data exploration, analysis and knowledge discovery, understanding the concepts of color, lattice, bar graphs combination of filters and lines on the graph, working with zoom control and display columns selectors references crusades.

Visualization and advanced analysis

Tibco Spotfire Management Training Curriculum

Tibco Spotfire server curriculum_moduleInstall

Prepare the database server Spotfire

Install server Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire curriculum_moduleConfigure and application server

Set Spotfire Server

TIBCO Spotfire Implement the distribution server

Server installation Tibco Spotfire curriculum_moduleValidate

Tibco Spotfire Training content: –

TIBCO Spotfire Introduction

TIBCO Spotfire Basics

TIBCO Spotfire visualizations

Do data filtering

More information through data Drill¬Down

The underlying data and the expected format of a data table

related information links Loading data

TIBCO Spotfire visualizations


Properties Tables


Bar charts Interpretation

Lattice properties shows bar charts

Properties line charts

Telephone interpreting graphs

Combination table Introduction

Chart Properties combination


Types of filters

filtering display options

organization filters

Defining filter systems

TIBCO SportFire highlighting items

tagging data

In Details¬ ¬Demand


Scatter plot

scatter graphic introduction, description and Properties

Using scatterplots

3D graphics

3D scatter plot Introduction

3D scatter properties

The use of 3D graphics

Introduction of the graphic sectors

abstract graphic sectors

Properties pie chart

Using pie charts

Different types of tables: Spotfire

summary tables

Tablas de la Cruz

graphics tablets

Overview of Maps and Plots in Spotfire:

maps trees


Parallel Coordinate Plot

Box plots

Text areas TIBCO Spotfire:

Coloring and features

Calculate and Replace Column

Managing multiple data tables

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