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Pega online training India provides the Sr Digital technologies training of our students. With the support of the latest learning techniques and cutting edge tools, training experts online provide world-class training to help our students succeed with Paste to our student class using Hyderabad and students online global width .

We are located in Hyderabad, India contribution the top online Paste and classroom training at our institute. We specialize in offering quality education to our students at a low cost.

This web-based training is provided by the architect, certified and has many years of total experience, we also offer installation and placement assistance before training

Poser 7 (CPAP) Course content:

Introduction to BPM

Introduction to CPAP

Paste software installation

Creating Organization Configuration

Operator identification

Building Applications

Creating rulesets

Versions of rulesets

Users who create

Creating portals


New building Application


application profiles

Application Accelerator

Application Express

Introduction to Class structure

Types of Classes

The creation of the abstract class

Creating specific classes

Working with the class group / pool Working

Introduction to Data Model

Creating data tables

Types of Properties and Modes

Creating Properties

Change the appearance of a property

Create embedded properties

Introduction to the user interface and Form Design

Introduction to the process of definition

Check / Output Functionality

User interface

Introduction to Portales, Harness, Flowaction Section

Create a Section

Create a section containing various designs

Adding a section of a flow action

Call another section in a section

Selection of the provision

Creating flow action

Creating harness

Basic Controls and Advanced

Process Definition

Different forms used in Flow & purpose

Create flow main flow / Process

Create a sub-flow flow / Display

Running the stream object or job creation

Create a flow Tabbed browsing Screen / Tree

Call a Sub flow from another stream or the same stream

Design and implement flow screen

Selecting the screen flow rates

Advanced user interface

Select Create a Dynamic Control

Repeat Design (row / column)

Conditionally they have a portion

Activities and methods.

Explain the purpose of the tabs Activity

Understand the purpose of pages and Classes

The methods used in different activities

How to call other activity goings-on

Different ways to call Activities

Types of Activities

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