Oracle DBA Training in Hyderabad

Oracle DBA
We are currently offering a training program on management of Oracle database world class for students and professionals interested. Registration for Oracle DBA Training classes is open to anyone in the world, because it is an online course.

Oracle DBA Training Course topics

Introduction to management systems databases and databases
What is a database ?.
software management system database (DBMS) popular and why Oracle DBA Training.
History and current trends in DBMS and Database Administration.
Market share Oracle databases and their current competitive environment.
Tasks of a database administrator.

Oracle Database Architecture

Planning a creation of Oracle databases.
Creating an Oracle database using the manual method.
Creating an Oracle database using the graphical tool (Database Configuration Assistant).
Starting and closing a database.
Components of an Oracle database and detailed architecture.
Advancing PC startup and shutdown scenarios.
memory Oracle database and process architecture.

Database storage

Table spaces and assignment types.
Create table spaces.
Create data files with fixed size and autoextend option.
Control files and produce a trace output to view its contents.
How to rename the data files in a control file.
redo file architecture and best practices.
ARCHIVELOG activation mode for a database with automatic archiving.
temporary table spaces and groups of temporary tables (11g R2 new feature).

Oracle Networking

Oracle DBA Training Introduction.
Oracle listener configuration (dynamic and static listeners).
Dynamic Service Registration and configuration naming methods in sqlnet.ora.
connections Oracle database from other computers.
By using Oracle netca (Network Setup Wizard) to tnsnames.ora Network Configuration File.
Management listener Oracle and TNS_ADMIN environment variable.
Links database.
Oracle Utilities

backup Oracle database logical data.
Business use cases of logical backup compared to physical backups.
Data export pump modes.
Importing Data Pump to import data from a backup export.
Advanced features Export Oracle Data Pump.

Performance Optimization

Managing performance problems in the real world.
As the size of memory structures Oracle database for optimal performance.
Oracle database wait events.
Oracle UNDO explains internal management and sizing.
Explain internal Oracle temporary space and sizing.

Oracle DBA Online Training

Monitoring Oracle databases.
Working with Oracle support to create service requests.
The language and terminology used by Oracle DBAs.
Working with Oracle forums topics.
productivity tools they need when they enroll in the workplace.
Planning tasks and scripts via crontab utility UNIX / LINUX

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