ORACLE 11g Training in Hyderabad

SR digital  technologies. the best software training courses for different IT team through Webex. We are providing Oracle 11g Training based on the specific needs of students, especially innovative to give individual lessons, which have great opportunities in the IT market today. We also provide ongoing to deal with the competitive IT world today.

Students can understand the technology object of our highly experienced and certified instructors that helps students work on projects in real time. Students can choose between regular course or training classes emerging that we are proud to be one of the leading providers of online training summit Oracle 11g India. We are in this field with the passion and dedication that we are in formations many years. Our team of experienced coaches and Oracle 11g with extensive experience in real-time IT training is enthusiastic to providing quality training. SR digital technology has made great strides in providing better quality classes. We place our students in India, USA, UK, Singapore, Newzeland, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, Japan, Sweden. We also provide maintain and maintenance job interview.

Concepts of Oracle 11g online training:

Oracle 11g – SQL and PL / SQL

The environment Oracle list

✔Reviewing basic concepts of structural design

✔Oracle 10g Architecture

✔.Main features of 9i and 10g

Basic commands SQL * PLUS

✔Using script files, START, @, GET, SAVE, LIST, PROMPT, PAUSE, ACCEPT, DEFINE, coil

Basic SELECT speech

Plus ✔Writing SQL statement, SELECT instruction execution

Rated output

✔Single column, in descending order, the types of multiple column

the conditional data recuperation

✔Working with complex conditions and OR NOT AS BETWEEN

Working with variables

✔Creating and the use of variables, command substitution

Pseudo columns and functions

✔Pseudo columns, Row Number, date Sys, user and UID, double table

character functions ✔Working

✔UPPER, bottom, INITCAP, RPAD (), RTRIM (), SUBSTR (), Instr ()

✔TRANSLATE (), replace (), the largest (), LEAST (), DECODE

✔Working with date functions



✔ROUND (), TRUNC () sign () Working with multiple tables, different types of connections, writing outer joins

The use of set operators

✔Union, Intersection, less

Aggregating data using group functions


creation of the subquery

✔Single subqeries, multiple subqueries

increasing function groups

✔ROLLUP, cube

Transaction Control Language

✔Rollback, Commit, save point

processing hierarchies

✔creating the tree structure, LEVEL, CONNECT BY

Data manipulation language


Data Definition Language

✔CREATE, TRUNCATE, ALTER, DROP, rename, describe

By declaratory restrictions

✔Views, sequences, synonyms, indexes, user_tables, USER_TAB_COLUMNS,


Views, other views of the data dictionary

Database Security

The ✔Object, granting access privileges to objects

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