Linux Administration Online Training in Hyderabad


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Linux Online Training Highlights

Digital SR Technologie training is a better online hub in Hyderabad. We are providing best online training in Linux administration.

Course content:

  • Installation in standalone machine
  • Installing via NFS
  • The installation via FTP
  • Installing via HTTP
  • The installation by KICKSTART

Management file system

  • Creating File Systems
  • Understanding EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 file systems
  • Conversion Ext2 ext3 file systems
  • Turning again to Ext2 Ext3 file systems
  • Understanding fdisk, e2label, support, command umount
  • Understand and fstab file mtab
  • Problem solving

User Management

  • An understanding of the different types of groups and group creation
  • Creating users in different groups
  • Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
  • Understand the aging passwd
  • Creating user fees, groups and file systems
  • Understanding the security files of users
  • The different commands to monitor users
  • Problem solving


  • Understanding the different types of runlevels
  • Understanding the different types of shutdown commands
  • Understanding of scripting control
  • Understanding the different types

Network File System (NFS)

  • Understand NFS clients and NFS server
  • Understanding of demons and files on NFS
  • Configuring NFS NFS server and different clients
  • autofs configuration, NFS security

File Transfer Protocol

  • Understanding the characteristics and advantages of FTP server
  • Setting the FTP server and FTP clients
  • Configuring the FTP server for anonymous and actual users with permits loading and unloading
  • Configuring user access FTP, FTP security
  • Understand basic FTP commands
  • Configuring anonymous FTP server


  • Understanding xinetd based and based on non xinetd
  • Configuring xinetd based services
  • Safety Xinetd

TCP Wrapper

  • tcp understanding
  • TCP wrapper for services

Domain Name Service

  • Understanding DNS service and different types of DNS servers
  • Configuring DNS (master) DNS (Slave)
  • Understanding and Configuring advance (DNS) and cache (DNS) boot phase
  • Understanding the different types of files when the system starts
  • Problem solving

Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

  • Creating file systems and LVM conversion
  • Creating physical partitions
  • Creating Volume Groups
  • Creating logical partitions
  • Expanding the volume group
  • Expanding logical partitions

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