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MicroStrategy Training

Microstrategy online training:

SR Digital Technologies online training center  offers courses on site, and has better online tutors located throughout the world. online training course easily through SR Digital Technologies.com MICROSTRATEGY by best experienced online and class room tutors available. The instructor training offer intensive role-based class with fully equipped infrastructure and bring the best online and class room experience MICROSTRATEGY world-class training.

SR digital technologies provide the opportunity to interact with online tutors and peers, to further improve the online experience training MICROSTRATEGY to share real time, tips, tricks and best practices in the industry. We can arrange online training demo MicroStrategy convenience and where you have the opportunity to interact with the tutor directly and decide how the online training course MICROSTRATEGY best suits the needs of your career.

Content MicroStrategy 8 Online Training Course:

MicroStrategy Desktop

MicroStrategy Architect

MicroStrategy Reporting Services

Advanced desktop Microstrategy

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server

MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server

Microstrategy administration

Introduction to MicroStrategy Web server

MicroStrategy Desktop

Introduction to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence

Introduction to MicroStrategy Desktop and Architecture

Configuration objects

public objects

Schema objects

Creation and storage of reports on the Desktop

Manipulations of the report on the Desktop

Data manipulations

Manipulations style

Creating and saving filters basic reports

Create, format and save the basic metrics

services MicroStrategy OLAP Desktop

report objects

View Filters

Derivatives indicators

Creating and saving basic instructions and searches

MicroStrategy Architect

Introduction to MicroStrategy Architect

The logical data model

The physical store schema

Advanced data modeling and schema design

Many to many relationships

role attributes

Introduction to project in MicroStrategy Architect

Creating facts Microstrategy

Creating attributes Microstrategy

The creation of hierarchies Microstrategy

workshop project settings

optimization and maintenance of projects

Maintaining your project in time

aggregate tables

Partition and partition assignments


Repository Basics

MicroStrategy Reporting Services

Introduction to Enterprise reporting

basic document

document design concepts

useful design techniques

Summary metrics derived and stacked

calculated expressions

Conditional format

Content personalization

Links to other reports or documents

Dynamic images

multiple data set considerations

overview of office Microstrategy

Advanced desktop Microstrategy

Introduction to advanced reports

advanced metrics

Advanced filters

Consolidations and custom groups

OLAP notices and advanced services

Drilling maps

Options Data Report

developer tools report

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server

Introduction to the administration of Microstrategy

Architecture and consultation flow


Implementation and management interfaces


server administration Microstrategy Intelligence

Caching and scheduling

Data marts


MicroStrategy Narrowcast Server

Server Overview narrowcast

Source of information

Creating a simple service

The message content

message recipients

Delivery methods, times and editor Service


Portal functionality Subscription

Deliveries of MicroStrategy Web and administration

Microstrategy administration

installation MSTR

Object Manager

Duplication project

System migration system code on the server Narrowcast

Groups and creating users

administrator command

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