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MSBI Training

MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) Online training:

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Course Information:

MSBI means “Microsoft Business Intelligence”. It is a powerful tool; which it makes the information in the format ‘ETL’. Where is ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tool.

The main concept is present in MSBI ETL tool that makes it easy to find a solution. MSBI uses Visual Studio and SQL Server.

There are 3 types of tools in MSBI

  • Integration Tool SSIS
  • SSAS Analysis Tool
  • SSRS reporting tool

SSIS integration tool: There are 2 types of packages present in SSIS integration tool are:

  1. Implementation of SSIS packages
  2. Management Module SSIS

SAS analysis tool: There are 2 types of analysis tool SSAS:

  1. Customers SSAS
  2. SSAS Reporting Services

SSRS reporting tool:

  1. Reports Author
  2. The terms of advantage
  3. Classification and Grouping Information
  4. The concepts of filtering and parameterized
  5. Implement and accountability

This tool allows users to access accurate and makes the job easy. It is easy to improve the ability of business.

Development of business intelligence tool:

>> Data Flow

>> Source Data

>> Transformation dataflow

>> Dynamic Data Flow

>> Data Flow Destinations

>> Advanced Data Flow

>> Flow Control and configurations

SQL Server 2012 Integration Services:

  • Control Flow
  • Data flow
  • Administration

SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services:

  • Project Reports – Fundamentals
  • Project Reports – Other techniques
  • Multiple Reports
  • Alternative Display
  • Administration

SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services:

  • tables building measures
  • Dimension
  • The design cube
  • Display

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