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SAP  Introduction:

Simple Training SAP Logistics has major changes in the areas of materials management, management supply chain production planning and sales and distribution. SAP Logistics Global Training simple online training stabilizes to cash, procure to pay and the product plan. Simple SAP Logistics uses the data processing capacity of S / 4hana to provide simpler, faster and more efficient logistics problems and supply chain approaches.
SAP Logistics simple online training is represented by the best experts in the field and tutorials prepared by these allies guardians industry experts are made with the latest industry updates. Classes are available for the individual as well as corporate batches on demand. Calling assistance for more details on SAP Logistics simple online training and details.
Who should be pursuing the simple logistics SAP training? :

SAP solution architects
SAP Business Analytics
SAP Functional Consultants
SAP TechnoFunctional
SAP Technical Consultants
SAP BW / BI Consultants
SAP end users
SAP simple logistic COURSE CONTENT
Sap Hana-data modeling and data provisioning
Sap S / 4 Hana-Roadmap, simple architecture-SAP Logistics Training
Introduction of master data:
Overview Business Partner approach
Master table oversimplified Product
Material number Field_ Extension Length
Simplifying parameter effectivity
Foreign Trade Concepts fields in the material master
MRP fields in the material master
Concepts of Material Type Simple Serv-SAP Logistics Training
Product Catalog functionality for integration with the Internet application components
Concepts Product Catalog
Type_ object identifier code
Mdm on Integration
Master Srm Product
Management concepts Logistics lots
Business partner Idoc Types (DEBMAS and creams)
Classifications customer master functionality
TOPIC 3: Introduction to sales and distribution:
SD concepts of data models Simplified
The data model change in prices Sd
Foreign trade in the PEA S / Hana
Credit Management
Revenue recognition Sd Erp
Optimizing management rappel Sd for MPT Customers
Simplification in Sd Analytics
The concepts of advanced order processing and billing contractors Public Sector
Operational data provisioning-SAP Simple Logistics training
Role of Inside Sales Representative
Online stores sales by Internet or Web Channel Experience Management
Commodities Management Sales
About Sales Activities
Document Output Management Billing
Sd Rebate Processing is replaced by the management of settlements
Several minor features in the area Sd
Specific concepts Complaint handling industry Sd
The Sd – Fi Integration / CA with Distributed Systems
Customer Interaction Center (CIC)
Co-deployment of sap Srm
Co-deployment of Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLC sap)
Supplier evaluation based on Lis
Subsequent Settlement – reimbursement arrangements providers
Overview Erp shopping cart
Internet Application Components (IAC)
Aboutmdm-SAP Logistics Training Catalogue Simple
Pricing Data Model Simplification
Management outputs adoption of Purchase Order
Mm-Pur WebDynpro applications
Concepts in classical MM-PUR Gui replacement operations
Dedicated Supplier Lifecycle Management (SAP SLC) Business Processes
Via distribution provider Mdg-S
Authority for the vendor invoice
Foreign trade concepts within SAP S / Hana Recruitment
Procurement Management Products
Automatic document adjustment
About Agency Business
ATP New advanced in the sap S / Hana – Table Vbbs
I With (E open) -SAP simple Logistics Training
New solution concepts of fashion
EC Industrial Hygiene and Interfaces
Health at Work
Waste management simple-SAP Logistics Training
Simplification of incident management and Risk Assessment
The Global Trade Management
Inventory Management Logistics Materials Management (MM-IM)
Data model inventory management (MM-IM)
Availability of transactions in MM-IM-SAP Simple Logistics Training
Ledger mandatory materials for material valuation
The material valuation – Statistics average price
enterprise search
Concepts simple assemblies-SAP Logistics Training
Workbench product designer
Simple Cdesk-SAP Logistics Training
Recipe Management
Customer Display Engineering
PP-MRP – Subcontracting
The storage location MRP
External interfaces In Pp
The graph of the planning table-SAP Simple Logistics Training
Logistics Information System In Thepp
Sales & Operation Planning
Simplified provisioning
ITEM 13: Description to instruction INSTRUCTIONS Sheets-based browser / e of work:
Internet Kanban
Erp-Line Balancing and sequencing
The MRP in Hana
Planning concepts file
Total secondary needs
The concepts of forecast-based planning
Demand forecast
Version status for different function modules Rfc Revoked
Computer Aided Planning treatment (Cap)
ABAP-List-based Pi-Sheets
ANSI / ISA S Interface
Concepts Digital Signature
E-SAP Logistics Training simple records
Downtime functionality
The concepts MiniApps PP-PI
Evaluation Process Data (PP-PI-PMA)
Weighing and dispensing campaign
Production Campaign (ERP)
Electronic Batch Recording
Process messages
Control recipes and instructions
Process operator booths
Material Identification / Reconciliation
flow _Manufacturing
Process Flow Scheduling (PP-PI)
Evaluate and overall planning
Planning Horizon
lots history
Simplifying maintenance operations
Navigating with the project builder Instead of special maintenance functions
Production resources and tools for Project Functions
Planning Board projects, Gantt-Chart, Hierarchy and Network Graphics
Current simulation functions in the Project System
Salt specific transactions Archiving
Texts Texts _Ps-SAP Logistics projects Simple Training
qm interface
Iuclid_ simple interface concepts-SAP Logistics Training
Concepts enterprise search Model
Management of Hazardous Substances
ITEM 16: LOGISTICS _ Maintenance (PM):
Lis At Eam
Download MS Access data Today’s
Scheduling Maintenance Plan
Mobile Asset Management (MAM)
Lots of entry for the company asset management (EAM)
Change order and operations of SAP Logistics simple Training
The WebDynpro For Maintenance Planner (EHP) application
enterprise search
Transportation (Le_Tra)
The concepts Warehouse Management (WM)
Output Management
Simple Analytics-SAP Logistics Training
Simple _search-SAP company Logistics Training
Internet prices Configurator_Sap Ipc
The employment programming Cocnepts
Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
TOPIC 20: User experience / FIORI:
Introduction to SAP Fiori
Introduction to sap UI5
Installation settings
Deploying Applications-SAP Logistics Fiori simple Training
OData Service Creation Using the SAP NetWeaver Portal
Hana Cloud Platform
Introduction to Web sap Ide
Creating and Extending Applications
Workflow and SAP Fiori
Simple Minar Logistics General training:

It’s just a matter of time when what exactly simple logistics would be clear when it is formally released but in the meantime we expect all these expectations are met, either in the short term or the near future.
Only then can S / 4 HANA make the final game of true platform unique business processes, integrated and has a multitude of capabilities across business functions of supply chain planning and logistics, order management and compliance , Procurement and Finance.
Sap Simple Logistics is also known as the SAP business management S4 HANA includes all not only funding but also the modules as SAP MM, SAP SD and are now available as part of SAP S4 HANA as a product management modules and company is the complete business street, sign up for simple logistic SAP Education for more details on the course
simple logistics empowering users to make business decisions by analyzing real-time data proactively alerts signaling and providing potential solutions.
If we consider the Production Planner solving the shortage of products currently required to analyze reports, obtaining data that resides in the ERP, wait for updates material by processing a batch job, expect interface during night of 3 to store party, and so on. But with a simple logistics, no longer it requires this process is time consuming and the user will be freed to focus on their real role.
The Logistics ERP was designed with the purpose of recording transactional data, and focused on making more efficient processing of transactions. This allowed users to identify problems within their process and take corrective action, but a high degree of knowledge and experience required to analyze problems and evaluate possible solutions. Often a suboptimal solution was formed, since users do not have enough time or real-time data to make the right decisions.
Simple logistics in S / 4 HANA transforms the logistics of such an approach “registration system” to a “Decision Support System” using data from a much more proactive and intelligent manner. This is possible thanks to the innovation of the HANA platform. In addition, the scope of integrated simple logistics, located next to the basic functions of ERP, is complemented by the capabilities of SCM, CRM, PLM, SRM, as well as support for technologies and concepts of organization value chain (Industry 4.0).
Highlights of SAP training simple logistics:

(1) Simplified inventory management
(2) main product
(3) management of the product life-cycle management
(4) Quality management
(5) Acquisition
(6) Automotive
(7) Analytics
(8) Foreign trade
(9) management of commodity
(10) Billing
(11) Contract
(12) Revenue recognition
(13) Credit management
(14) SDpricing
(15) PP
(16) NWBC easy integration with logistics
(17) The simple integration with logistics Fiori
Importance of SAP S / 4 HANA:

The SAP S / 4 HANA is a platform that will enable businesses to operate in a proactive and participatory manner, with both customers and suppliers, while internally, users have the real-time data they need to focus on solving behavior problems and take corrective measures.
The simplest SAP Logistics is the catalyst to break down barriers between departments and business lines.
Also simplify the data model will increase performance, while the new user interface and collaboration capabilities provide simulation, ensuring that users have the right vision to make the right decisions.
Simple SAP Logistics will enable users to make business decisions by analyzing data proactively in real time, alerts signaling and providing potential solutions. Register with SAP simple logistics of training and learn how Production Planner face a shortage of products currently required to analyze reports, obtaining data residing in ERP. But with a simple logistics, time intensive process no longer necessary and the user will be freed to focus on their real role.
Business benefits by implementing SAP Logistics simple:

Below are some of the benefits, more benefits you get through SAP Logistics simple training are listed.
IT processes enormous volumes of operational data to obtain a business perspective, while operations are running
Performing analysis based on all the data of operational applications
The use of flexible analytic models when working with information to discover trends and patterns
Keeping connected is operational analytical applications environments
Eliminating the delay between collection and data collection in a vision that the key features of data
SAP S / 4hana in the editing facilities and SAP S / 4hana, cloud edition

The business scope was designed to provide maximum choice to customers in line with business requirements:
The SAP S / 4hana in the editing facilities, and provides an area of business that is similar to the current SAP Business Suite in terms of coverage, functionality, industry, and languages. Within this scope of SAP S / 4hana also it includes simplifications transformation delivered with SAP S / 4hana Finance as well as a planned integration with SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Central and Ariba Network. Register for SAP Education Logistics Simple and see how the premise edition aims to provide an annual cycle of innovation through innovation packages.
The SAP S / 4hana, editing cloud cover scenarios specific business for online marketing business and also for the professional services industry, as well as the most essential scenarios to run an entire business in the cloud with a digital core, It is including: finance, accounting, control, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, plant maintenance, project system, and management of product life-cycle management.
Simple logistics SAP Training covers vast areas below:

(1) Contracting
(2) Inventory management
(3) Production planning and execution
(4) Availability simple promise-SAP Logistics Training
(5) the management of the product life-cycle management
(6) Maintenance management
(7) Quality Management
SAP integrates with simple logistics applications Fiori and NWBC
NWBC: business customer net weaver which all activities of end users will be conducted related to logistics.
SAP logistics simple – Scope:

It will be reduced as various business processes
(1) Manufacturing
(2) Retail
(3) The SAP Service Simple Logistics Training
Why go for simple SAP Logistics:

Footprint increases system performance by eliminating redundant data and reducing data: increased throughout
Reports and analysis: real-time analysis at the lowest level of granularity in the primary transactional data without aggregates.
Scalable Infrastructure: optimized infrastructure and reducing the number of system provides high performance system customers with a lower total cost of ownership.
User experience: Increased productivity of business users with beautiful, user interfaces based on roles and availability on multiple devices

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