Guidewire Online Training in Hyderabad

The Guidewire platform provides a set of core technology components that provide building blocks and critical services to the entire Guidewire application. Guidewire applications are built in Java and conform to the J2EE standard. Web Services APIs allow Guidewire applications to seamlessly integrate into a service-oriented architecture and interact with any other application on any technology. Guidewire training applications run on the insurance industry’s preferred application operating systems and application servers.


Training provided by trainers offers a set of end-to-end applications that support insurance operations such as policy management, subscription and claims management. We provide comprehensive training to gain knowledge to effectively use Guidewire with case study and hands-on demonstration for guidance by real-time professionals.
Guidewire Policy Center Training Plan

Policy Center Entities

Policy Transactions

Introduction to PolicyCenter Configuration   Guidewire Online Training in Hyderabad

Group pages and location settings  Guidewire Online Training in Hyderabad

Configuring Task Assistants

Contacts and locations   Guidewire Online Training in Hyderabad

Introduction to Product Model

Introduction to Product Model Configuration

Configuring product lines and policies

Roofing Configuration

Configuration of terms of coverage   Guidewire Online Training in Hyderabad

Configuring Modifiers

Set up question sets

Offer Configuration

Users, Groups, Organizations, and Permissions

Assignment of property

Field Validation

Validation Rules

Validation Classes

Setting up side-by-side appointments

The work life cycle

Introduction to Workflow

Processes and workflow elements

Overview of integration

Web services

Batch process

Plugins and Messaging

Guidewire Billing Center Training Curriculum

Introduction to Guidewire Configuration

Guidewire configuration technology

Data model of the training application

Product architecture guidewire

Starting Guidewire applications

Study guide

Documentation and support

Introduction to the Data Model

Content of the data model

Data Dictionary


Expansion of base entities

Layers of base application entities

Entity Extension Files

Expansion of base entities

Creation of new entities

custom entities

Entity declaration files

Foreign keys and matrices

Definition of new entities

Advanced Data Model Design Functions

Guidewire Curriculum Complaint Center

DataModel_Extending entities
DataModel_Creating Entities
UIContainer_Atomic Widgets

The file of the application

The Claims Center data model

The claim file

Claims Process and Introduction to Income

Claim Processing – Business Perspective

Claim Processing – Functional Perspective

The Claims Admission Process

Automatic Claims Setup

New Claim Validation

Introduction to ClaimCenter Configuration

ClaimCenter data model

ClaimCenter user interface

ClaimCenter Rules

Import data into ClaimCenter

Configuring Claim Settings

Basis of Claims Configuration

Pre-established rules

Targeting rules

Work plan rules

Exposure and configuration of the activity

Configuring validation rules

Types of validation

Principles of the validation rule

Validation rules in the user interface

Warnings and Errors

Identification of invalid fields

Permit Settings

ClaimCenter Security Functionality

Check system permissions on Gosu

Creating System Permissions

Application permission keys

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