Dell Boomi Online Training in Hyderabad

Dell Boomi is an integration tool for cloud-based systems and third-party tools. The Boomi Atom Sphere approach to integration is based on configuration rather than code-based. These are mainly three phases

Build: You can build integrations and drag and drop pre-built connectors using a user-friendly visual tool

Manage: Administration of the deployed process.

It supports a variety of transport methods like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP,

ODBC / JDBC and standards-based web services such as SOAP, REST and JNDI ect

What are the prerequisites for learning Dell Boomi?

Any graduate with basic IT skills can learn Dell Boomi, a bit of XML knowledge is preferred, is similar with other web-based tools.

No other training is required, we will allow the student to practice in scenarios in real time.

What is the training mode?

  1. online training
  2. Dell Boomi classroom training

What platforms do I need to have to run AtomSphere?

A) Since Dell Boomi hosts the application, all you need is a computer or an alternate device that

You can run a web browser. No matter what type of hardware or operating system you are

What is the duration of the training course for Dell Boomi:

1.Inline training is available both at CST late and in the morning.

  1. Dell Boomi training in hydrabad is available during the weekends, morning hours of India.
  2. Training Material Dell Boomi, Dell Boomi PPT, Dell Boomi PDFs will be provided.
  3. Dell Boomi Viedo Recording Class will be provided to the participant

Course contents Dell Boomi:

Dell Boomi Basic

Course Overview and Expectations

Atom Sphere description

Introduction to the activity

FTP and Disk Connectors

Atom Overview

Document properties

Configuration of static and dynamic parameters

XML profiling


Boomi Suggest

Setting defaults

Use of functions



Salesforce Reading Connector

Salesforce Query Operation

Database write connector

Write operation


Add additional Salesforce fields

Creating a user-defined function

Use of decision steps

Email Connectors

Message passing

Output Format to Email

SQL command


Process backup

Process automation

historical review

Atom management

Implementation of the process

Connection License

General description of execution and generation of processes

Document Handling

User Alerts

Forced exception settings

Custom error messaging

Configure Email Alerts

Notification execution and customization log

Customizing User Management

Document tracking and searching

Process Deactivation and Atom Detachment

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