VMware vSphere Online Training in Hyderabad

VMware course content

Components of the Virtual Data Center infrastructure

VSphere Installation, Configuration, and Administration

VCenter Server, vSphere Client, Web Client

Configure and manage virtual networks

Configure and manage storage

Create and manage virtual machines

Configure and manage VMware clusters

Install, configure, and manage Update Manager

Backing Up VMs Using VDP

vSphere Replication

Host Profiles

DRS Storage

Troubleshooting vSphere using CLI

VMware Course Details

Introduction to Virtualization

Description of Virtualization

Diff Types of Virtualization

Virtualization Products

Description of the VMware vSphere component

Introduction to VMware ESX / ESXi Server

Fault Tolerance


Fault Tolerance

Configuring fault tolerance

Fault tolerance test

Description of the Datacenter Infrastructure

Datacenter Environment

Virtualization in Present and Future Datacenters

VMware Administrator Role Description.

Host Scalability (DRS Cluster)

Understanding the VMware vSphere DRS Cluster

Benefits of vMotion Enhanced Compatibility (EVC)

DRS Cluster Configuration

Host to the DRS Cluster

Testing DRS Clustering Functionality

Installing ESXi Server

ESX / ESXi Server Planning

Understanding the requirements

VSphere Client Overview

ESXi Settings

Patch management

Describe VMware vSphere Update Manager

Installing Update Manager

Configure the update manager

Remedial to ESXi hosts

Virtual Machine Concepts

Description of virtual machines

Description of Diff VM files

Virtual machine hardware

Data Protection

Traditional backup and virtual infrastructure backup

VSphere Data Protection components, architecture

Implementing and Configuring VDP

Virtual Machine Backup and Restore

Virtual Machine Creation & Management

Create a virtual machine

Deploying the guest operating system on VM

Understanding VMware Tools

Implementing VMware Tools

Cloning of MV

Creating Templates

Deploying VM from templates

Modifying Virtual Machine Settings

Creating an RDM

Virtual Machine Snapshots

Removing a virtual machine

Virtual Appliance Deployment

Implementation of OVF templates

Configuring virtual machines with automatic startup and automatic shutdown

Veeam Backup

Install Configure Veeam

Backup / Restore VMs

Access Control and Authentication

Configuring ESXi Host Access and Authentication

ESXi Firewall, Enabling and Disabling Lock Mode

Integrating ESXi with AD

Configuring Roles and Permissions

Create a Custom Function on the vCenter Server

Assign permissions to vCenter

Verify permission

Storage Configuration and Management

Storage Concepts

General storage information


Types of Data Warehouse, VMFS, NFS

Management and monitoring of resources

Virtual CPU and memory concepts

VM Report on Commitment

Virtual SMP, CPU Load Balancing

CPU, memory and disk resources

Establishment of Shares, Limits and Reserves

Description of resource groups

Configuring resource groups

Using VM resources

Resource Monitoring Tools

VCenter Performance Charts

Interpretation of tool data

Storage Configuration

Configuring ISCSI storage

NAS / NSF Storage Configuration

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