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1. WAS product Family overview

Version 8 for distributed platform

Some key differences between Version 5.6.7 and Version 8,

Support of standards and programming models

Product packaging package

Express / Base / ND – Overview


WAS edge components

Flexible managemen

2. Architectural description

Express / Base / ND

it was basic

It was execution time

JDBC Providers

Data Sources

administrative agent

Employment manager

Enhanced EAR

ND Runtime Flow Concepts

Managed nodes against unmanaged nodes

Installation concepts

H / W prerequisites

S / W prerequisites

Browser pre-requisites

Database Requirements

Installation overview

Installation Environments

WAS Profiles

Pre-Installation Tasks

Install verify

Silent installation


Installing applications

Directory structure

Server Commands

WAS plug-in installation, setup

J2EE Overview


Platform Architecture

Platform Components

3. Basic principles of administration

Starting the Administration Console

Logging In to the Management Console

Search for items on the console

Upgrading Existing Servers

Adding new servers

Removal of servers

Starting and stopping servers

Starting and stopping nodes

Job Savings

Command Line Tools

was administered

Wasadmin options

Benefits of wasadmin

4. Working with the Profile and Application Server


Different ways to create a profile

Profile Directory structure

Backup / Restore Profile

Profile management

Federation of nodes

Profile types

Managed node / unmanaged node

Creating the Application Server

Viewing Application Server Status

Starting and Stopping an Application Server

Visualization of runtime attributes of an application server

Customizing Application Servers

5.Arrange Packages

Installing fix packs, cumulative fixes

Update installer

Troubleshooting fix packs

6.Integration technologies of services and Webservices

SIB Overview

Services Integration Bus Architecture

Configuration Services Integration Bus Resources

Configuring JMS resources for the service integration bus

Webservices Overview

Configuring the JAX-RPC Driver and Other Webservice Resources

Configuring Webservice resources with the service integration bus

8.Installation Application

Installing the Enterprise Application

Install tasks

Virtual Hosts

Definition of virtual hosts

Configuring JDBC Providers

Configuring Data Sources

J2C Authentication Alias

Application Management

Assignment modules

Start and stop applications

Viewing Installed Applications

Starting and stopping a business application

Viewing Installed Applications

Viewing EJB Modules

Visualization of WEB modules

Centralized installation

  1. Manage Web Server with WAS

Web server on unmanaged node

IHS as an Unmanaged Node

IHS Management Servers

Custom web servers plugin-cfg.xml

File Management plugin-cfg.xml

Managing Web Server Add-in Properties

Propagation of the complement configurations


Introduction to security

Security Levels

Enable global security, administrative security, and application security.

Security Domains

Security and auditing

SSL Settings

Administration of users and groups.

Certificate creation and management

  1. Classification

Introduction to Clustering

Grouping Types

vertical scale


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