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SAP MM Online Training

SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES Online training is one of the biggest names in the IT training industry online. We believe in delivering some great solutions to the people seeking a career in IT industry and provide them with the right blend of knowledge. SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training offers you the most extensive online course in SAP MM. The training offered at SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training is prepared with the help of experts who understand the every bit of SAP MM training requirements worldwide.

About SAP MM Training

In this consistently developing business lifestyles, the SAP MM web based preparing has helped representatives to accomplish a superior level of profession prospects. The course depends on Material Management. It is one of the quickest and stable methods of the ERP showcase. The SAP MM program is perceived around the world. The flood of study appreciates the ability from numerous expert guides. The business learning is conveyed to help the people to keep up a protected work conditions.

The SAP MM online program is redone to suit any person. It exists in hopeful spending expenses in a scheduled timing can be changed to best time lengths and spaces as wanted by the candidates. The material administration program will enable the representatives to coordinate with acquirement taking care of and stock association. The course is broken into a few levels. The ace information manages the merchant and material parameters. At each level of a SAP MM preparing program the contender will be presented to the business goals behind the customer, organization, plant, with buy and capacity association.

The SAP material administration part of the program finishes the destinations incorporated into the inventory network administration. It tells about the standards of utilization situated arranging and seller assessment with confirmation to the hopefuls. The errand is a cyclic procedure. Every part is broken into littler fragments which are managed by dealing with the assets. The assets incorporate man, materials and machine control.

What are the modules in SAP MM Programme

The initial phase of modules has an introduction into the ERP package. “This depicts the targets and functionalists of the MM. A total of the study of the architecural life cycle is diagramed.”

Following on, the SAP Navigation trains the candidates on the enterprise structure of a company it covers the various aspects of purchasing and evaluation. The SAP MM online course has its backend laid on the principles of switching.

The outline agreement has to be created for every purchase requisition. The way in which the scheduling of request of quotations and contracts has to be carried out is also being told.

“SAP MM online course has a straight meaning of the distinctive valuing policies. The plans for outer administration are aced by the instructional courses.”

Ultimately the online training covers the special types of procurement. The ideas of consignment, subcontracting and pipeline are also being dictated by the SAP MM program.

SAP MM Course Contents:

Overview of my SAP MM with the key functional Zones

  • Program and project management
  • Life-Cycle Data Management
  • Life-Cycle Collaboration
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Quality management
  • Environment, Health & Safety.

Document Management Functions in SAP MM

  • Using the document info record
  • Object links to other SAP R/3 objects
  • Managing original files
  • Storage of Original files in secure areas
  • CAD-integration
  • Document distribution
  • Customizing
  • Internet Scenarios.

Configuring, maintaining and using the system to characterize objects

  • Characteristics maintenance
  • Class maintenance
  • Object classification
  • Options for using the classification system to find objects
  • Class hierarchies and characteristic inheritance
  • Object dependencies in classification
  • Customizing, including maintaining class types and classifiable object types
  • Applications of classification..

Complex Plant Maintenance projects in Enterprise Asset Management

  • Course Content Planning & budgeting Scheduling & capacity planning
  • Execution Response to changes Completion and analysis Notes

Plant Maintenance in Enterprise Asset Management and SAP solution portfolio

  • Organization of Plant Maintenance
  • Technical objects
  • Breakdown maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Project-oriented maintenance
  • Work clearance management
  • Mobile solutions
  • Reporting and analysis

Structuring and Managing Technical Objects

  • Structuring of Functional Locations
  • Using, Classifying and Customizing Equipment
  • Usage of Maintenance Bills of Materials
  • Customizing for Bills of Material
  • Working with and customizing Serial Numbers
  • Measuring Points and Counters
  • Object Services
  • Partners and Addresses
  • Status Management
  • Warranties

Schedule Work and Maintenance Planning

  • Task List Management & Customizing
  • Single Cycle Maintenance Planning
  • Maintenance Planning with Strategy: Time-Based Maintenance Strategy
  • Strategy Plan Scheduling (Time-Based)
  • Maintenance Planning with Strategy: Performance-Based
  • Maintenance Plan Scheduling (Performance-Based)
  • Maintenance Planning with Cycles of Different Dimensions
  • Maintenance-Plan-Based Sales of Services
  • Condition-Based Maintenance
  • Maintenance-Plan-Based Test Equipment Management.

Customizing settings for Maintenance Processing

  • UI :SAP GUI, Mobile Solutions
  • Notification Category and Type
  • Configuration of the Notification Interface
  • Priorities, Field Selection and Object Information
  • Catalogs and Catalog Profiles
  • Setting up an Order Type, Work Center, Capacity Planning
  • Scheduling, Permits, Workflows, Printing
  • Material Availability Check
  • Completion Confirmation
  • CATS

Integration between Maintenance Order Processes and Financial and Management Accounting

  • Cost flow in the maintenance process (estimated costs, planned costs, actual costs)
  • “Period end shutting process for maintenance orders including settlement budgeting and cost arranging (individual spending plans, investments, speculations, upkeep maintenance budgets).
  • Plant Maintenance Information System (info structure, update)
  • Key figures and queries in Business Information Warehouse (BW) relevant to Plant Maintenance.

Work Clearance Management in SAP MM

  • Overview of Work Clearance Management
  • Asset Structuring
  • Work Clearance Management Architecture
  • Approval and Permit Process
  • Lockout / Tagout Process
  • Integration of WCM with Maintenance Processing
  • Further functions

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