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HTML5 CSS3 Online Training

SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training is one of the biggest names in the IT training industry online. We believe in delivering some great solutions to the people seeking a career in IT industry and provide them with the right blend of knowledge. SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training offers you the most extensive online course. The training offered at SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training is prepared with the help of experts who understand the every bit of HTML5 CSS3 training requirements worldwide.

About HTML5 CSS3

HTML5 is all over, and is an innovation that can never again be overlooked or regarded as a simple expansion of HTML4. HTML5 is a tremendous umbrella term for current Front End Engineering, specifically JavaScript, Markup, DeviceAPIs, and Styles. Practically anything you see in App Stores would now be able to be made with unadulterated HTML5.

In spite of the fact that we will cover the absolute most energizing highlights of HTML5, for example, geo area, web attachments, neighborhood stockpiling, Real Time Communications(Web Workers, Web Socket), File/Hardware Access(Native Drag and Drop, FileSystem APIs, Geolocation, Device Orientation and Speech Input), Semantics and Markup, Multimedia, Graphics (2D and 3D Effects) SVG and Canvas, the concentration of the course will be to enable individuals to comprehend the center standards and best practices for making sites and applications.

CSS3 is part up into “modules”. The old determination has been part into little pieces, and new ones are additionally included. Probably the most critical CSS3 modules are Selectors, Box Model, Backgrounds and Borders, Text Effects, 2D/3D Transformations, Animations, Multiple Column Layout and User Interface.

HTML5 CSS3 Course Content

About HTML5 CSS3

2 HTML5 CSS3 Training Course Prerequisite

3 Course Objective

4 Course Duration

5 HTML5 CSS3 Training Course Overview

5.1 Introduction to WEB

5.2 HTML Basics

5.3 HTML5 Intro

5.4 HTML5 Syntax

5.5 Obsolete Elements/Deprecated Elements

5.6 HTML5 New Elements

5.7 HTML5 Canvas


5.9 HTML5 Drag/Drop

5.10 HTML5 Geo location

5.11 HTML5 Video

5.12 HTML5 Audio

5.13 HTML5 Input Types

5.14 HTML5 Form Elements

5.15 HTML5 Form Attributes

5.16 New attributes for <input>:

5.17 HTML5 Semantic

5.18 HTML5 Web Storage

5.19 HTML5 App Cache

5.20 HTML5 Web Workers

5.21 HTML5 SSE

5.22 HTML Media

5.23 HTML Multimedia

5.24 HTML5 – MathML

5.25 CSS 1.0 and 2.0

5.26 CSS3

5.27 Borders

5.28 CSS3 Backgrounds

5.29 CSS3 Text Effects

5.30 CSS3 Fonts

5.31 CSS3 2D Transforms

5.32 CSS3 3D Transforms

5.33 CSS3 Transitions

5.34 CSS3 Animations

5.35 CSS3 Multiple Columns

5.36 CSS3 User Interface

HTML5 CSS3 Course Structure

The structure of our course is exceptionally intended to give our students bits of knowledge of Industry. This HTML5 CSS3 course concentrates on theoretical and practical information required to exceed expectations in this field. The course covers all the fundamental parts of HTML5 CSS3 going from essential to propel level. After taking our course, students will have the capacity to work in any association as we go for satisfying every one of the Industry’s necessities. Also; they’ll be given all the crucial information which will make them expert of the considerable number of parts of this subject, for example, conveying association model, comprehension of displaying business procedure etc.

Why SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training:

SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training is that place where you’ll get extended information of the innovation and where a specialist group of experts provide you the required training. Likewise, we realize that analyzing the majority of your valuable energy at gaining some new useful knowledge may be troublesome for you, along these lines we give a choice of picking the season of your classes, with the goal that you can proceed with your every day work and in the available time realize all the profitable ideas. Further, we routinely asses our understudy’s advancement and roll out vital improvements and advancements in education procedure. We comprehend the estimation of your time and cash and in this manner, we go for giving you the best.

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