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ORACLE DBA Online Training

SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training is one of the biggest names in the IT training industry online. We believe in delivering some great solutions to the people seeking a career in IT industry and provide them with the right blend of knowledge. SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES online training offers you the most extensive online course in ORACLE DBA. The training offered at SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES ORACLE DBA training is prepared with the help of experts who understand the every bit training requirements worldwide.

About ORACLE DBA Training

Oracle DBA Training Course Overview

Database Administrators are in charge of the plan, execution, support and upkeep of electronic databases in the present organizations. The role also includes architecting, building and scaling databases for future data growth and capacity. They are also responsible for security, performance and availability of data to users and customers.

All the above tasks are performed with the help of a Database Management System and the leading and most widely used DBMS across the world today are the Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL database etc. Out of the three DBMS advances, Oracle Database is the most prevalent and broadly utilized database on the planet today.

Database Administrator Job Growth

DBAs play an important and responsible role in every company’s Information Technology department.




Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture

Creating an Oracle Database

Managing the Database Instance

Managing Database Storage Structures

Administering User Security

Managing Data Concurrency

Managing Undo Data

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

Backup and Recovery Concepts

Use of RMAN Recovery Catalog & Configuring Backup Settings

Performing Database Backups with RMAN

Performing Database Recovery

Moving Data – Export & Import, External Tables & SQL Loader

Using Flashback Technology I

Using Flashback Technology II

Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

Database Maintenance

Performance Management

Managing Performance by SQL Tuning

Diagnosing the Database

Managing Space

Managing Space for the Database

Managing the ASM Instance

Duplicating a Database / Cloning Database

Data Guard

Installing your Oracle Software

Database Patches & Database Upgrades

Introduction to Real Application Clusters


Data modeling

Snake-Flow diagram

Dimensions and Facts

IQD preparation

IQD publishing

Cube generation

Cube publishing into portal


Adhoc reports

Zero suppression reports

Performance and Tuning with OLAP

Backup and recovery in OLAP

ORACLE DBA Course Structure

The structure of our course is exceptionally intended to give our students bits of knowledge of Industry. This ORACLE DBA course concentrates on theoretical and practical information required to exceed expectations in this field. The course covers all the fundamental parts of Oracle DBA  going from essential to propel level. After taking our course, students will have the capacity to work in any association as we go for satisfying every one of the Industry’s necessities. Also; they’ll be given all the crucial information which will make them expert of the considerable number of parts of this ORACLE DBA subject, for example, conveying association model, comprehension of displaying business procedure etc.

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