Guidewire Claimcenter Online Training in Hyderabad

About the Guidewire course

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully configure the specific features of the ClaimCenter application. The course assumes students will recognize the basics of configuration for any Guidewire product. The course focuses on the specific ClaimCenter options that are configured in almost all implementations. Upon completion of the course, students are considered to have a sufficient understanding of the Claim Center to use product documentation to find a way to achieve a more advanced configuration.
Guidewire ClaimCenter coaching is a web-based claims system designed specifically for the P / C industry. The deep functional depth of ClaimCenter enables end-to-end claims lifecycle management from intuitive Loss reports through advanced decision processes and integrated operational reporting
• The claim file
 The ClaimCenter data model
 The complaint file
• Claims Process and Introduction to Income
 Claim processing – business perspective
 Claim handling – functional perspective
 The process of admission of claims
 Automated claims configuration
 New validation of claims
• ClaimCenter Demo
 Demonstration of the functionality of ClaimCenter
• Introduction to ClaimCenter configuration
 ClaimCenter data model
 ClaimCenter user interface
 ClaimCenter Rules
 Import data into ClaimCenter
• Set up location groups
 Basic principles of the placement group
 Set location group
 Page Setup
• Configuring Attendees
Assistant Basics
 Assistant configuration
 Wizard step configuration
• Configuring Claim Settings
 Reclaiming the basics of configuration
 Preset rules
 Segmentation rules
 Work plan rules
 Exposure and configuration of the activity
• Configuring LOB type lists
 Business model line
 LOB fonts
 The editor of LOB
 Configuring the LOB model
• Configuring the LOB user interface
 LOB model and user interface
 Configuring exposure types
 Configuring the new behavior of the exposure menu
• Configuration of validation rules
 Types of validation
 Principles of the validation rule
 Validation rules in the user interface
 Warnings and errors
Identify invalid fields
• Permissions configuration
 ClaimCenter security functionality
 Check the system permissions on Gosu
 Creation of system permissions
 Application permissions keys
• Contact Roles
 Contact functions
 Classification of contact
 Setting up contact roles
 Contact role type restrictions
 Entity Role Restrictions
• ClaimContact Widgets
 Understanding the ClaimContact widget
 Configuring ClaimContact widgets
• Introduction to transaction rules
 Basic concepts of the transaction
 Transaction data model
 Transactions and Gosu
 The Library of Financial Calculations
• Configuring transaction validation rules
 Transaction and verification of life cycles
 Basic concepts of transaction validation
 Transaction validation rules
• Configuring transaction approval rules
 Basic concepts about the approval of the transaction
 Limits of authority
 Transaction approval rules
 Approval routing rule