QlikView Online Training in Hyderabad

We at SR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES Trainings are offering Qlikview training through the Internet. As we all know that learning a course through the Internet is very easy compared to classroom training. Upon arriving at Qlikview, there are many opportunities based on this course as it is very new in the field and most people do not have prior knowledge about this project. We are happy to announce that we have given this course to many students at an affordable price with most instructors with experience in the IT industry and successfully placed them in several top tier companies. This is our strategy and we will go to a detailed description of the course. The description includes the overview, history  and advantages of this course.QlikView Training

What is QlikView?

Qlikview is a Business Intelligence platform that is to turn data into knowledge. Most of the world’s best organizations, around 24,000, made it easy to combine, visually search and analyze all the data they have using the complexity of Qlikview. It only takes a few minutes to learn, QlikView‘s automatic associations create endless opportunities to make Hoc ads without well-explained structures and hierarchies, as is typical of the tools used in data analysis. Qlikview brings a new level of analysis, vision and value to existing data warehouses with user interfaces that are very clean, simple and simple. By understanding how the data is related and how the data is not related to this Qlikview brings unexpected business profits. And it’s basically in the memory of architecture and this is behind the success of QlikView in the market. We can load your data into memory and available for the sudden search and real-time analysis in a few clicks with Qlikview.
Qlikview is consistently winning to be one of the Business Intelligence platforms with extended, easy-to-use data visualization capabilities that put it ahead of many other BI suites. Its capabilities extend to self-service dashboards, predictive analysis and pattern recognition, and allow users to easily interact with data through adhoc queries without having to work with the inherent structure of the data. Qlikview is perfect for effective business decision-making and interacts with a wide range of databases in an in-memory architecture that loads data into the main memory of the processing system, allowing for faster access to data in Crucial real-time scenarios.
Why a career in QlikView will help you make a mark in the Business Intelligence industry? Chosen by about 33,000 customers worldwide, here is why it called the future of BI easy and effective to turn data into knowledge.
1. Ease of Use: This is the main advantage  allowing easy access to the underlying data, extended data searches, one-touch loading of filtered and associated data. Unlike conventional BI suites that require data to be stored in intermediate formats such as cubes and data warehouses, the application offers easy data integration along with a single interface for creating visibility, dashboards, and reports.
2. Extensive data visualization capabilities make it very useful for converting raw data into an engaging and interactive presentation that can be dynamically dragged for business analysis.

3. Data Narration: Perfect ease of use gives you extensive data functionality that allows you to seamlessly present your data for inferences and ideas with a perfect emphasis on the security of your data.

4. Drag-and-drop interface: Easy-to-configure data visualizations help end users and designers quickly develop applications without having to go through complex steps of data staging and sequential development. It allows multiple data sources to be easily connected and deeply analyzed with your personalized search queries, giving you unlimited capabilities and optimum analytics with its rapid application development capabilities.
5. Support for multiple platforms: Qlikview can be accessed through Windows and Mac environments, tablets and smartphones.

Qlikview History:

Qlikview is the product of a software company called QlikTech that was located in Pennsylvania. QlikTech, a business intelligence company was founded in 1993